Brazilian full stack developer from Joinville with 10 years of experience in structuring, developing and maintaining applications. With vast experience in back-end, and more recently front-end, development both for the web and desktop


  • 5+ years of Java full stack development experience
  • 2+ years of frontend development experience
  • ReactJS proficiency and frontend ecosystem experience
  • Experience with Nodejs, Ruby, Android, Groovy
  • Cloud infrastructure management
  • Fluent English from living and studying 2+ years in the U.S. as a teen


Resultados Digitais Nov 2017 to present - Joinville, SC
Senior Full Stack Developer
  • Helped my experimental growth team to successfully improve the product’s user adoption.
  • Actively participated and contributed to our frontend guild by helping to establish some good practices, patterns and other topics in order to improve front-end development.
  • Improved code quality by refactoring legacy JavaScript + JQuery application to ReactJs components.
Meus Pedidos Sep 2015 to Nov 2017 - Joinville, SC
Front-end Developer
  • Improved our product’s stability by scaling and fine-tuning our AWS infrastructure.
  • Implemented an easy way for our customers to check our product’s current status by creating a status page, which automatically kicked in as soon as things went south.
  • Increased operational control of our product by creating New Relic metrics, and improving our Codeship CI flow.
  • Made a switch to front-end development so I could start an open-source project for the company’s React components and also helped introduce React and other tools into our front-end stack in order to offer a better experience for users and developers alike.
  • Actively participated as one of the lead front-end devs in designing and building a B2B application from scratch.
TOTVS Dec 2013 to Sep 2015 - Joinville, SC
Full Stack Developer
  • Decreased QA allocation times by automating our application’s UI tests using Selenium.
  • Increased our platform’s widgets count. One I particularly liked adding was a layout editor where users could completely change the look of their corporate portal.
  • Switched to a front-end developer position in order to be involved in working on a new product with a team from Silicon Valley (TOTVS Labs), where I was directly responsible for pushing our Fluig Identity's UI forward using Angular and Grails.
Cipher Oct 2012 to Nov 2013 - Joinville, SC
Full Stack Developer
  • Enabled our product to securely connect to remote devices through SSH by using a Java framework called JSch in order to assess possible vulnerability issues.
  • Fixed bugs and implemented a plethora of features in our web application product which used Vaadin.
  • Was responsible for expanding our product’s vulnerability analysis by designing and creating an Android client for our solution, which was responsible for checking a device for any known vulnerabilities and reporting back to our web application through a REST API.
German Tech Nov 2011 to Oct 2012 - Toledo, PR
Junior Full Stack Developer
  • Introduced new features/bug fixes in our Eclipse Rich Client Platform desktop applications which enabled our customers to integrate their businesses with our billing and accounting solutions.
  • Also led a one-man project to design and develop a new Ruby on Rails solution for billing the transportation costs of shipments in accordance to federal Brazilian regulations.
Maxicon Aug 2010 to Oct 2011 - Toledo, PR
Junior Oracle Forms Developer
  • Oracle Forms developer introducing new features in a very old and very big ERP application for the agribusiness.
  • Introduced automated tests into our QA workflow.
Anix Sistemas Mar 2008 to Jul 2010 - Medianeira, PR
Junior Full Stack Developer
  • Worked with JavaServer Faces, Hibernate, Hibernate Search and RichFaces on a document management system called DigitalDoc.
  • Researched and added a full-text search feature in the product.
  • Led a one-man project for designing, developing and maintaining a compliance web application which used the Ishikawa Diagram to help our users identify and track ISO compliance issues in their businesses.